•  Intended for the reception of differential correction signals (RTCM SC-104 format) for GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems
  •  Allows for browsing data from reference station almanacs and their use for automatic tuning
  •  PKI-2 receiver can be used in conjunction with an AK-1 antenna as a part of an integrated monitor in a transmitting antenna
  •  Certified by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Brief description:

  • Dual-line LCD display with backlight
  • Displays an alarm status for open or short circuit of antenna
  • Provides galvanic isolation of receiver interfaces
  • Can be used with E or H antennas
  • Delivery set contains: receiver, power cable, documentation
  • Available as extra options: АК-1 antenna, PKI-M antenna, RS-232/RS-422 converter, AC/DC power supply unit
  • Can be delivered as OEM-module


Operation frequency range, kHz from 283.5 to 325.0
Number of Channels 2
Frequency Offset, kHz 0,5
Frequency adjustment, Hz, not less than 8
Input Sensitivity, mkV, not less than 1,5
MSK Bit Rate, bps 50*,100,200
Adjacent Channel Rejection, dB 60
Dynamic range, not worse than, dB 100
Interface** RS-232, RS-422
Data Port Bit Rate, bps 9600
Protection rating (GOST 14254) IP22
Antenna supply voltage, V 5±0,25
DC power supply, V from 10 to 32
Operating temperature range, °С from -20 to 55
Dimensions, not more than, mm 154×153×85
Weight, not more than, kg 0,95
* in manual mode of operation
** RS-232/RS-422 required (optional)