Radiocommunication and Navigation Equipment
Design and Manufacture of:
-Non-Directional Beacons and Marker Beacons
-Offshore Helicopter Homing Beacons
-NAVTEX Transmission Systems
-Antenna systems, including special systems for installation on high-rise buildings and structures, on buoys and lantern towers, in Arctic regions, provided with dielectric underlaying terrain, etc.
Lanterns and Range Lights Equipment
Design and manufacturing of:
  -LED-equipped Lanterns, Sector Lights, and Range Lights used for marine and inland waterway buoys, signs, and lighthouses.
  -Alternative power supply sources to provide power for Lanterns, Sector Lights and Range Lights and for charging backup batteries.
  -Remote Monitoring and Control Systems for Lanterns, Sector Lights and Range Lights.

Technomarine Products:
  -Meet all the IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) requirements.
  -Are cost-effective and highly reliable.
  -Can operate in temperature ranges from - 40°C to 50°C in all climatic zones of Russia, including Arctic regions.

Alternative Power Supply Sources
Power sources based on wind power generators and solar panels provide a self-sufficient power supply to remote sites.  Technomarine APSs are designed to select the most efficient operation mode from traditional and alternative power sources (solar, wind power, diesel generator, etc.), and automatically switch between the most efficient mode as conditions dictate.