PKI-M DGPS/DGLONASS Receiving Antenna


  • Intended for thereception of differential correction signals transmitted by DGPS transmitters in a frequency range of 283,5 - 325 kHz
  • Power supply through coaxial cable
  • Polar diagram of directions in horizontal plane


  • Antenna with cable
  • Fixation bracket
  • Manual


Frequency range, kHz 283,5-325,0
DC power supply, V 4,9-13,0
DC consumption, not more than, mA 35
Gain, not less than, dB 34
Input resistance, Ohm 50
Operating temperature range, °С from -30 to +70
Dimensions, mm 160х67
Antenna weight, not more than, kg 0,9
Cable length, m 15
Cable size, mm: 5
Connector diameter, mm: 14,5
Protection rating (GOST 14254) 54