P309-000-000 (100MF) Self Supporting Umbrella-Type Antenna


Brief description:
  • Antenna 100MF is manufactured by Moonraker Australia Pty. Limited;
  • Shipped to Russian Federation with a special marking requirements and certification by Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Radio Frequency Center of the North-West Federal Region'. Provided with operation manual in Russian and supplied on the territory of the Customs Union under the number P309-000-000;
  • P309-000-000 is a self supporting umbrella-type antenna intended for operation with long and medium wave radio transmitters ;
  • Directional diagram - polar diagram in azimuth plane;
  • Polarization - vertical;
  • The antenna is designed for use both on offshore platforms and land base stations;
  • Antenna is designed for outdoor use in all climatic zones;
  • Assemble antenna, mast of antenna consists of three sections;
  • Construction is from heavy gauge tempered marine grade aluminum alloy to give a large low loss surface area for maximum radiating efficiency;
  • Antenna elements are finished with high durability epoxy based coating, resistant to chemical attack, abrasion and the effects of ozone and ultra-violet radiation;
  • Base insulator is ribbed high strength low loss polypropylene;
  • RF connection is via a stainless steel side terminal above the base insulator;
  • Corona shield is fitted to minimize leakage during wet weather ;


  • P309-000-000 self supporting umbrella-type antenna;
  • Antenna tilting device ;
  • Joint sealing kit;
  • Lightning protection device;
  • Documentation.