AC-15 Cage Antenna


-The AC-15 Antenna is intended for operation with LW transmitters with a power output of up to 200 W

-Directional diagram - circular in azimuth plane

-Polarization - vertical

-Antenna is designed for installation on sea-craft and other sea facilities equipped with helipads

-Antenna can be operated in open areas in all climatic regions


-Insulator kit (3 pcs)

-6-wire cage dipole made of MG-10 wire

-Antenna download wire (MG-10 wire)



Frequency range, kHz 200-650
Static capacity, pF 370
Active resistance, Ohm 0,5-5
Directional diagram fluctuation regarding polar diagram, not more than, dB 3
Cage dipole length, m 14
Cage dipole diameter, m 0,55
Quantity of cage dipole wires 6
Cage dipole weight, kg 20
Operating temperature range, °С from -60 to +60
Wind loads stability, m/s 60