MPM-97MA Marker Beacon


  • МРМ-97MA is used as an outer, middle or inner marker for an instrument landing system (ILS)
  • 100 % redundancy and automatic control of parameters
  • Remote control from a distance up to 10 km by a dual-wire line or via a VHF/UHF radio station
  • Ethernet interface for the remote-control unit and/or for computer connection (remote control, troubleshooting and commissioning assistance)
  • Installed in a 19-inche cabinet
  • Antenna system consists of transmitting antenna and monitoring antenna
  • Can be supplied as an internal unit of an NDB station or as a stand-alone marker
  • Certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee



Carrier frequency, MHz 75,0
Carrier frequency deviation, %, not more 50•10-6
RF output power at 50 Ohm for Outer, Middle, Inner modes, mW, not less than (320±110)/(120±40)/(60±20)
Modulation frequency, Hz
Deviation of modulation frequency, %, not more than ±2
Modulation depth, % 95±4
Non-linear distortion factor, %, not more than 15
Symbol rate, symbols per second — "a dot" sequence — "a dash" sequence — "dots" and "dashes" sequence ±2
Modulation rate deviation, %, not more than ±2
Power consumption of transmitter, not more than, W 30
Duration of on-battery operation powered by the UPS unit, not less than, hrs 0.5
Weight, kg 10.0
Operating temperature range, °С from -10 to 50


Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), not more than 1.55
Max distance between antenna and transmitter, m 30
Control signal attenuation, dB 25-35
Weight, kg 50
Operating temperature range, °С from -50 to 50

Uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS)

Power supply voltage, V 220
Output voltage, V 27.2±0.8
Max output current, A 1.5
Weight, kg 8.5
Dimensions, mm 483х380х132
Operating temperature range, °С from -10 to 50

Remote control unit (RCU)

Power supply voltage, V 220±22
Power consumption not more than, W 20
Weight, kg 3.9
Dimensions, mm 483х270х132
Operating temperature range, °С from -10 to 50