Yantar-1000 DGPS/DGLONASS Transmitter


  • Broadcasts differential corrections in RTCM SC-104 form through GLONASS/GPS base stations
  • Max. operating range of 600 km
  • Equipped with automatic systems for changeover, tuning, control and adjustment of antenna current
  • High reliability, channel redundancy
  • Interface RS-422 and Ethernet
  • Remote access via embedded Web-server or specialized software
  • Certified by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

-19” cabinet with inter-unit installation option
-Transmitter units (А, В channels)
-Power supply units (А, В channels)
-Filter unit -Monitoring unit
-SPTA set
-Installation Kit

The following equipment is optional:
-MSK-modulator integrated into transmitter units
-Ground plane or counterpoise
-UPS, batteries or batteries unit
-Container-type structure, shelter
-Group SPTA, etc.



Operation frequency range, kHz 283,5 – 325,0
Emission mode GID (MSK - modulation)
RF output power at 50 Ohm, W 250/500/1000*
Reduced power mode, % 25
AC Power supply, V 220±22
Station cabinet weight, kg 185
Dimensions, mm 1980х610х740
Operating temperature range, °С from -10 to 50

* Power capacity is discussed upon ordering.

ATU 1000 W

Frequency, kHz from 283.5 to 325.0
Input resistance, Ohm 50
Max output power when load is 50 Ohm, W 250/500/1000*
Supported antennas:
- Resistance, Оhm
- Capacity, pF

2 – 39
400 – 3500
Max distance between external ATU and station, m 100
Dimensions, mm 1065х600х427
Weight, kg 55
Operating temperature range, °С from -50 to 50
Protection rating (GOST 14254) IP56