APM-150MM Rapid Deploy Non-Directional Beacon


  • Designed for use as inner NDB (50 km) or outer NDB (150 km), or as a stand alone NDB
  • The NDB Unit Design takes into account the realities of remote installation and is suitable for placement in off-road vehicles to provide easy transportation or even for cases of transportation afoot as no one item exceeds 30 kg
  • Equipped with Automatic changeover, automatic tuning and control systems, automatic adjustment of antenna current
  • Ethernet interface and embedded Web-server
  • Can be integrated into a complex control system

The following equipment is optional:

  • Electic generator
  • Uninterrupted power supply unit
  • Batteries
  • Group SPTA
  • Rhombic antenna
  • Dimensions of station unit: 560х545х197
  • ATU dimensions: 623х491х356
  • Station weight: 47 kg
  • ATU weight: 24 kg
  • Antenna height: 9.5 m
  • Weight of antenna (including ground plane and set of installation elements): 67 kg
  • Max weight of a single item does not exceed 30 kg




Frequency range, kHz 190-1750
Emission mode А1А, А2А, А3Е
RF output power at 50 Ohm, W, not less than 100
Modulation frequency, Hz 400 or 1020
Harmonic levels, dB, not exceeding 60
Capacity, pF 400-800
AC (45-60 Hz) power supply voltage, V 220±22
Power consumption, VA, not more than 350
Max distance between external ATU and station, m 50
Station operating temperature range, °С from -10 to +50
External ATU operating temperature range, °С from -50 to +50