Marine Lantern BEPA-5

Brief description:

-Omni-directional Marine lantern for floating and fixed beacon facilities 

-Low power consumption
-High reliability

-Power Surge protection and reverse polarity protection

-Routine maintenance free

-Suitable for all climatic zones

BEPA-5 Contents:

-LED light source 

-Lens element 

-Integrated flasher with light-activated switching relay

-Protective cover made of light-optical PC 

-Aluminum case with protective coating

-Silicon sealing 

-Cable glands for power supply cable 

-Power supply cable

Color parameters are within the limits of diagram zones, specified for each color by the International Commission of Illumination, in accordance with IALA recommendations and COLREG requirements.


Maximum intensity, cd, not less than: White/Red/Yellow/Green 30/18/18 23 76/20/20 75 76/35 40/59 180/56 56/124
Vertical Divergence and Horizontal Output, degrees 8/360
Maximum power consumption, W, not more than 3,3 5,7 1,7 5,3
Idle power consumption, mW, not more than 2,3 3311
Operating time (in continuous flashing mode) before intensity decrease of 3%, hours, not less than 30000
DC power supply*, V 5-32 9-32 5-32 9-32
Average service life, years 10
Operating temperature range, °С from -40 to 60
Weight, kg 1,5 1,5 2,1 2,1
Protection rating (GOST 14254) IP67
Monitoring system interface RS-422
* at the customer's request