Alternating light BEPA-12D

Alternating light BEPA-12D
  • Alternating light BEPA-12D
  • Alternating light BEPA-12D installed on a floating beacon


  • Omni-directional lantern for fixed and floating beacon facilities;
  • BEPA-12D has 2 independent light sources of different colors, operating alternately according to the firmware program.

Brief description:

  • User-adjustable flash characteristics;
  • Low power consumption;
  • High reliability;
  • Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection;
  • Routine maintenance free;
  • Suitable for installation with gimbal suspension.

BEPA-12D Contents:

  • LED light sources;
  • Lens elements;
  • Integrated flasher with daylight sensor;
  • Removable protective cover;
  • Plastic base;
  • DAE pressure-compensation element;
  • Cable gland for power supply cable;
  • Power supply cable.

Color parameters

Color parameters are within the limits of diagram zones, specified for each color by the International Commission on Illumination, in accordance with IALA recommendations and COLREG requirements.

Technical Specifications

Number of alternating colors * 2
Maximum range (Tc=0.8) for White/Red/Yellow/Green, km 7,5/6/6/7,5
Vertical Divergence and Horizontal Output, degrees 8/360
Maximum power consumption, W, not more than 0.55
Idle power consumption, mW, not more than 0.2
Number of flash characteristics 8
Operating time (in steady-light mode) before intensity decrease of 3%,hours, not less than 30000
DC power supply, V 2 to 6
Average service life, years 5
Operating temperature range, °С -25 to 50
Weight, kg 0.3
Protection rating IP66
Estimated required capacity of 2.6 V battery for Navigation duration of 6 months (in a single flashing mode), Ah 220 **

* The combination of colors is determined by the order
** Standard capacitance of "Бакен ВЦ 2" (Baken VC 2) is 300 Ah, at initial voltage 2.6 V