Ice Buoy Lantern BEPA-10LX


  • Omni-directional lantern in durable housing made of bronze alloy, intended for floating beacon facilities used in areas with severe ice conditions.
  • Lantern's optical system is among the most efficient systems in the world.

Brief description:

  • Low power consumption;
  • Switch off function:
    - at excess of allowable tilt angle;
    - at the cutoff voltage;
    - when darkening more than 24 hours.
  • High reliability;
  • Calendar function (seasonal work);
  • Remote control via wireless connection to PC;
  • Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection;
  • Routine maintenance free.

BEPA-10LX Contents:

  • LED light sources;
  • Integrated flasher with daylight sensor;
  • XBee wireless module;
  • Integrated 3-axis tilt sensor;
  • Durable bronze housing;
  • DAE pressure-compensation element;
  • Cable gland for power supply cable;
  • Power supply cable;
  • Passport;
  • Mounting kit.

Color parameters

Color parameters are within the limits of diagram zones, specified for each color by the International Commission on Illumination, in accordance with IALA recommendations and COLREG requirements.

Technical Specifications

Maximum intensity, cd:

Vertical Divergence and Horizontal Output, degrees ±5/360
Maximum power consumption, W, not more than 2.4
Maximum power consumption for effective intensity of 4NM,
8h/day and a flash characteristic Q1s, Wh/day, not more than

Idle/sleep mode power consumption, mW, not more than 12/6
Latern optical system efficiency, cd/W

Adjustable Intensity settings, % 10 to 100
Number of flash characteristics 63
Operating time (in steady-light mode) before intensity decrease of 3%, hours, not less than 30000
DC power supply, V 5 to 32
Average service life, years 10
Operating temperature range, °С -40 to 45
Impact resistance, g 120
Mechanical (tensile) strength, kN, not less than 100
Weight, kg 12.9
Protection rating IP68