LED Obstruction Light ZOM-SV

LED Obstruction Light ZOM-SV
  • LED Obstruction Light ZOM-SV
  • LED Obstruction Lights ZOM-SV installed on a transmitting antenna
  • LED Obstruction Light ZOM-SV luminous intensity distribution in vertical direction

  • LED Obstruction Light for transmitting antennas;
  • Used for operation in strong HF EM field.
Brief description:
  • Low intensity obstruction light, type B (steady-burning);
  • Replacement of light sources is not required;
  • Color parameters stay stable through all service life;
  • High light efficiency;
  • Can be used in all climatic regions;
  • Meets requirements of ICAO, ‘РЭГА РФ-94’ (Operation Handbook for Civil Airdromes of Russian Federation 94) and ‘АП-170’ (Aviation Regulations 170).
ZOM-SV Contents:
  • LED light sources;
  • Anti-icing system (automatic heater);
  • Protective cover made of light-optical PC;
  • Corrosion resistant housing;
  • Cable gland for power supply cable.

Technical Specification

Light Color Red
Horizontal Output, degrees
Luminous intensity distribution in vertical direction, cd, not less
from  -6° to +4°
from +4° to +15°
from +15° to +50°
from +50° to +90°

Power consumption, W, not more than:
- without heater
- with heater

Power supply*, V
- DC
- AC

175 to 215
198 to 242
Allowable HF voltage of transmitting antenna, kV, not more than 15
Operating time (in steady-burning mode), hours, not less than 55000
Average service life, years 10
Operating temperature range, °С from -50 to 50
Wind rating, m/s, not less than 50
Weight, kg 1,2
Protection rating IP54