Charging Controller KRAB-400 for small industrial solar power supply systems

Brief description:
Charging Controller KRAB-400 is intended for use in the autonomous solar electrical power supply systems.

- Control of battery charge;
- Control of load connection;
- Low power consumption;
- Temperature-compensated operation;
- Battery type selection (NiCd or Pb);
- Output power supply voltage selection (12 or 24 V DC);
- LED status indication;
- Reverse polarity protection.


-- NiCd battery Pb battery
Nominal Power Supply Voltage, V 12/24
Supported Battery Types NiCd Pb
Max Input Current from Solar Panels, A 20
Load Connection Interface 1
Max Load Current, A 10
Self Power Consumption, not more, mA 1.3
End of Charge Voltage at normal temperature and pressure (NTP), V 15.5/31 13.9/27.8
Load Disconnect Battery Threshold, V 9.0/18 10.5/21
Load Connect Battery Threshold, V 10.5/21 12/24
Temperature Compensation, mV/°C -2.5 -4
Dimensions (W*H*D), mm 145×80×40
Weight, kg 0.35
Operating Temperature, °C from -40 to +50
Service Lifetime, years 15