Alternative Power Supply Sources (APS)

Brief description:
-Power supply sources based on solar panels and wind power generators for aids to navigation (A-to-N)
-Installed on A-to-N sites without on-grid power supply
-Intended for all climatic regions, including polar areas
-Autonomous maintenance free operation for up to 5 years
-Service life of up to 15 years
-Monitoring via AIS, satellite or cellular networks


-Solar panels

-Wind power generator

-Control unit

-Marine Lanterns, Sector Lights and Range Lights


Additional equipment: 

-Weather station 

-Service shelter (container) 

-Automatic lubrication system for wind turbine


- Type
- Voltage, V
- Capacity, A·h
- Operating temperature range, °С

12/ 24/ 48
from 45
from -50 to +70
Solar panels:
- Rated power, W
- Operating temperature range, °С

from 65
from -50 to +50
Wind power generator:
- Type
- Power output at wind speed of 10 m/s, kW/year
- Operating temperature range, °С

from 41 to 11180
from -50 to +50
Marine Latern, Sector of Range Lights:
- Power supply voltage, V
- Visibility range, nautical miles
- Operating temperature range, °С

5 - 32
up to 24
from -40 to +60
Data logging system:
- Sensors (configuration in according with customer's requirements),pcs
- Operating temperature range, °С

up to 15
from -40 to +50
- Operation ranges
- Operating temperature range, °С

X-band, S-band
from -40 to +70
Communication module:
- Communication channel
- Operating temperature range, °С

Satellite? GSM, AIS
from -40 to +70
Maintenance free operation, years from 1 to 5