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Non Directional Beacon "Privod-3" is designed for emitting radio signals with the purpose of helicopters homing.

  • The NDB is designed for the installation on land-based and off-shore locations, including drilling platforms, ice-breakers and sea crafts, having helideck.
  • Operating range of the NDB "Privod-3" is from 50 to 150 km and depends on antenna type usage.
  • Monitoring system provides stable performance of NDB operation.
  • Diagnostics system for easily maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Local control unit with touch screen with resolution of 320 x 240 pixels provides comfortable graphic user interface and NDB operating mode displaying.
  • NDB units are connected via CAN bus. This industrial network technology provides stable system operation, permits easily unit hot swapping and connection of the optional units (for specific customer’s requirements).
  • Units are installed in 19 inch cabinet to provide easily access for maintenance and hot swap.
  • Distance between the antenna tuning unit (ATU) and the beacon cabinet up to 100 m.
  • Matches to all antenna types of marine radio beacons.

NDB has certificates:
  • Type Certificate given by Interstate Aviation Committee.
  • Type Approval Certificate given by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

  • Station cabinet with primary and secondary channels transmitter units, filter unit, local control unit.
  • Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU).
  • Spare parts kit.
  • Manuals.

Optionally supplied:
  • Antennas:
    - Helipad antenna "KOLTSO-2";
    - 100MF self support antenna;
    - umbrella antennas "AZM-8", "AZM-20";
    - T-type antenna.
  • Uninterrupted power supply with external batteries for operational time from 0.1 to 24 hours.
  • Remote control unit (with touch screen, 320 x 240 pixels) for on-wall or 19 inch cabinet installation.
  • Dry Contact Unit for capability with third part equipment.
  • Communication Unit EWS with embedded WEB server provides control and monitoring via Ethernet.
  • 19 inch station cabinet for additional units installation.


19 inch cabinet with Transmitters, Filter Unit and Local Control Unit
Carrier frequencies range, kHz315 — 526.5
Number of rapid switchable frequencies1 to 4
Carrier frequency deviation, max± 100 * 10-6
Emitting classA2A
Modulation frequency, Hz400 ± 4
Modulation depth, %90 (+ 10, -5)
Identification signal parameters:
  — number of letters by Morse code
  — duration of a 'dot', s
  — duration of a 'dash', s
1 - 3
0.24 ± 0.024
0.72 ± 0.072
Transmitter output power for 50 Ohm load not less, W200
Supply voltage (single phase line, frequency 50 Hz), V220 ± 22
Power consumption, VA, not more750
Operating temperature range, °Ń-15 to 55
Humidity, %up to 98
Overall dimensions, mm652 x 500 x 527
Weight, kg54
Frequencies range, kHz315 - 526.5
Input resistance, Ohm50
Load (antenna) limits:
  — Resistance, Ohm
  — Capacitance, pF
0.3 - 20
300 - 850
Operating temperature range, °Ń-40 to 55
Overall dimensions, mm600 x 1065 x 427
Weight, kg56
On-wall installation
Operating temperature range, °Ń-15 to 55
Overall dimensions, mm523 x 189 x 103
Weight, kg5.2

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